List of participants

We are waiting untill most of the participants will register on our Workshop to anounce the scientific program.
Up to now we are able to show the preliminary agenda of our meeting.

List of participants
Full name Affiliation Institute Talk date
Dr. Markus Büscher Forschungszentrum Jülich, Peter Grünberg Institut (PGI-6)
Jülich, Germany
Dr. Giuseppe Ciullo Dipartimento di Fisica e SdT Ferrara University and INFN - Ferrara
Ferrara, Italy
Dr. Ralf Engels Institut für Kernphysik, Forschungszentrum Jülich
Jülich, Germany
Dr. Kirill Grigoryev Institut fur Kernphysik, Forschungszentrum Julich
Julich, Germany
Dr. Guillaume hupin IPNO
Mr. Chrysovalantis Kannis Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser, Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas
Heraklion-Crete, Greece
Feodor Karpeshin D. I. Mendeleyev Institute for Metrology
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Dr. Polina Kravchenko Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute of NRC "Kurchatov Institute"
Gatchina, Russia
Dr. Peter Kravtsov Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute
Gatchina, Russia
Mr. Ivan Solovyev Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute
Gatchina, Russian Federation
Dr. Erhard Steffens Physics Dep., Univ. of Erlangen-Nurnberg
Erlangen, Germany
Dr. Dmitriy Toporkov Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk State University
Novosibirsk, Russia
Mr. Valery Tyukin Inst. of Nucl. Phys, JGU
Mainz, Germany
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