Scientific program


1 session

10:15 Introduction

10:30 Ralf Engels
"Advantages of nuclear fusion with polarized fuel"

11:00 Markus Buesher
"Nuclear polarization in Laser-induced plasmas"

11:30 Coffee break

12:00 Giuseppe Ciullo
"A movable magnetic holding field for HD-ice targets, easily implementable for hyper-polarized molecular targets for fusion research"

12:30 Polina Kravchenko
"Experimental studies of nuclear fusion reactions at PNPI"

13:00 - 14:00

2 session

14:00 Ivan Solov'ev
"Improvement and optimization of the Atomic Beam Source as part of the Polarized Ion Source in the experiment PolFusion"

14:30 Guillaume Hupin
"Ab Initio Description of Thermonuclear Fusion Reactions"

15:30 Bus to Gatchina palace

18:00 Dinner


3 session

10:30 Dmitriy Toporkov
"Test of Lamb Shift polarimeter for molecular source"

11:00 Erhard Steffens
"Design considerations of a polarized gas target for the LHC"

11:30 Coffee Break

12:00 Kannis Chrysovalantis
"High-density spin-polarized H and D atoms for studies of polarized laser-fusion"

12:30 Kirill Grigoryev
"Production and storage of polarized H2, D2 and HD molecules"

13:00 - 14:00

4 session

14:00 Feodor Karpeshin
"Preparation of polarized targets through radiationless excitation of the nuclei by negative muons"

14:30 Valery Tyukin
"Status of the polarized atomic hydrogen target at MAMI & MESA"

15:00 Coffee break

* - those participants, who will inform us alter about travel dates and time, will be transported from international airport Pulkovo. Further information will be send by e-mail after your registration.

** - transportation to the Pulkovo international airport will be organized.
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