Visa information

We strongly recommend that international participants applying for Russian visas should start the process well in advance. To enter the Russian Federation (RF) a delegate needs to apply for a Business Visa at the nearest Russian Consulate in his/her country. Here are main counties listed. If you will not find your country - please contact us immediately.
Vienna, Salzburg
Paris, Marseille, Strasbourg
Berlin, Bonn, Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich
Bern, Geneva
United Kingdom
London, Edinburgh
Brussels, Antwerp
Rome, Milan, Palermo, Genoa
Stockholm, Gothenburg
Washington, Seattle, Houston, New York, San Francisco

To start the visa formalities it is necessary to fill out Visa application form. The application deadline is 15 of April 2019.

We recommend to apply for a free of charge scientific / humanitarian type of visa.

Important note

The Original Invitation letter (PRIGLASHENIE) received from the Consular Service of the RF Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be posted to a delegate for its further presenting at the nearest Russian Consulate in his/her country.

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